Iron Pier - Back Catalog
$1.00 - $4.00

  • Iron Pier - Back Catalog

Iron Pier - Back Catalog
$1.00 - $4.00

A selection of out-of-print or nearly-out-of-print back catalog items from our distant past.

IRP02 - Capital "Signal Corps" CD
Anthemic, catchy, and angry, Signal Corps comes bursting out of the gate with 9 songs of gruff Long Island melodic hardcore molded by lives growing up in a part of the country synonymous with "suburbia". Long Island - a 100 mile long strip containing some of the most diverse locales and types of personalities on the east coast; Montauk, The Great South Bay, Brentwood, Stony Brook, all the way out to Brooklyn and Queens. Signal Corps is not an album from a band born of the Hamptons or even Brooklyn, but a group living in the withered shadow of the Levitt towns and the 1990’s hardcore scene. "Signal Corps" was named #2 album of 2006 by Capital went on to release "Homefront" on Revelation, "Blind Faith" on Iron Pier, and Givers Takers on Underground Communique.

IRP04 - United States "Divorce Songs" CD
United States were a band from Brooklyn who drew musically from Fugazi and early Touch and Go bands. This was their first full-length. Members of: The Babies, Dirty Looks, the Assistant, The Insurgent, and Sometimes Walking Sometimes Running.

IRP06 - Agent "I Wouldn't Trade That For Anything" 7"
Agent play melodic hardcore rooted firmly in the Long Island "sound" but influenced heavily by Lifetime, Saves The Day and 90's indie rock bands like Braid and The Replacements. This EP is pervasively catchy. Hooks abound without sapping it of any emotional resonance. Like some of the best melodic hardcore songs, these short, fast, and catchy songs have lyrics that actually mean something. Bragging rights: Agent took the number three spot in’s best EP of 2006 list, third in’s list and fourth in’s (Germany).

IRP07 - Dirty Looks "Dirty Looks" 7"
Dirty Looks were a band from Bushwick, Brooklyn and Oakland, CA that played a brand of noisy, guitar punk some described as neo-grunge. 4 songs recorded by Steve Roche in Philadelphia at Permanent Hearing Damage in 2005/2006. The band put out a split with Bossy and featured people who were in or went onto United States, The Insurgent, Scent Of Human History, Neverending Party, Bent Outta Shape and Crybaby McArthur, the Babies.

IRP08 - Thieves and Assassins "Martyr Brigade" CD
Made up of Long Island hardcore stars, Thieves and Assassins played melodic hardcore reminiscent of Bad Religion, Strike Anywhere and various hardcore/punk bands from the west coast in the 1990’s. This was their debut full-length. Pre-orders came wrapped in screened burlap sacks.

IRP09 - Capital "Blind Faith" Digital Download
Vinyl out of print. Originally a 7" single by Capital from Long Island, NY, “Blind Faith” includes two original songs about failed religious ideals, corporate greed, and personal politics. It also includes one cover of Dag Nasty. These songs were written and recorded after "Signal Corps" and before "Home Front." Vinyl came in red, white, or pink.

IRP11 - Agent/Polygon Split 7"
This split 7" features Agent and Polygon from Long Island on black vinyl and limited to 300 copies. Each copy of the 7” comes with a free download code or instant mp3 download. Polygon, a newer band, has members of Sleepwall, and play melodic, guitar-based, indie rock with a focus on melodic songwriting. The Agent songs on this release are a distinct evolution from their previous releases, merging more complicated songwriting and lyrical tendencies with their distinct brand of poppy, alternative melodic hardcore. This is Agent’s first new batch of music since their 7” on Run For Cover and their first EP on Iron Pier. This is Polygon’s first release since their 2009 demo.

Pressing Information

IRP07 Dirty Looks "Dirty Looks" 7"
350 - Black
150 - Red

IRP09 Capital - Blind Faith 7"
300 Red
100 White
100 Pink

IRP11 - Agent/Polygon 7"
300 - Blak

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