Deep Pockets - "You Feel Shame"
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Deep Pockets - "You Feel Shame"
$5.00 - $8.00

You Feel Shame was the debut album from New York's Deep Pockets, a post-hardcore quartet from Brooklyn and Queens, New York. Deep Pockets play distorted, frustrated music: heavy, jangly, distorted guitar and a swirling rhythm section hover around singer Matthew Brennan's vocals, all elements holding level then exploding.

Fans of Silkworm and other 1990s midwestern rock-influenced blue-collar posthardcore, Deep Pockets wear their influences on their sleeves, but relocate that sound to the outer boroughs of New York and make it uniquely their own.

Deep Pockets are: Conor Hickey, Matthew Brennan, Darren Nanos, Justin Williams. Artwork by Hank. Layout by The Advisor. Photography by Charlotte Davis. Recorded at Permanent Hearing Damage by Steve Roche, Mastered by Brad Boatwright at AudioSiege.

Track Listing

  1. Figure It Out
  2. Grimke
  3. The K
  4. At the Helm
  5. Stanley Street Justice
  6. Mid Many Wrinkles
  7. Alterated
  8. Eat People
  9. Henry Harold
  10. Hobby
  11. Neither of Those Are Mine

Pressing Information

150 - Solid Purple in Translucent Yellow Vinyl
350 - Translucent Red Vinyl

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