Album Premiere: Other Houses "Fortune Selector" MLP 10 July 2017

Today, we're excited to premiere the full album stream of Other Houses' new mini-LP Fortune Selector, out this Friday, July 14th.

Other Houses Fortune SelectorPre-order Vinyl, Cassette, Digital

Previously the solo project of Morgan Enos (Hollow Sunshine, Medium Mystic, Hheaven), this is Other Houses' confident debut as a full-fledged band, recorded with Californian players Adam Nash (guitar), Alex Nash (drums), and Ross Major (bass).

Fortune Selector is well-represented by its front cover, featuring a palm tree - a universal symbol of California - inverted. In fact, Enos formed the new Other Houses band and recorded Fortune Selector directly before relocating from California to New York. As he remembers, "I quickly and immediately dove into those sessions – mostly in living rooms and an after–hours art supply store – more committed to capturing an impulsive energy than worrying about technically perfect takes." Most of Fortune Selector was recorded live in a single night, when Enos turned twenty–four, and these wonderfully hooky pop songs explore dichotomies - fame and insignificance, purity and impurity, New York and California.

After Fortune Selector was completed, Enos relocated to Brooklyn, reforming the backing band. "Looking back, I feel like many of the songs came from a charged, hot sense of anticipation of moving to the city," says Enos, and that comes through in the tunes. The garage-rocking "Me as Periodicals" has a panic attack about leaving your legacy in Internet links, "Meaning of the Band" is a highly melodic put-down of what Enos calls "the most excruciating music types you tend to run into," and "Cats Know Me" is a '70s-style duet about longing to hang with the pack that Enos calls "the best song I’ve ever written."

Fortune Selector also holds the distinction of being Enos’s first truly hi-fi recording after the four-tracked LPs Bad Reputation (2015) and Fabulous Dates (2016). Acidic, wry, and absolutely packed with hooks, these are Other Houses' strongest songs to date, and the debut of a formidable rock & roll band. The band plans to perform on the East Coast in support of Fortune Selector throughout 2017.

Fortune Selector is the third entry in Iron Pier’s Mini-LP series, a home for releases with album-length concepts but shorter run times. The record follows Hollow Sunshine’s Bible Sea and Self Defense Family's Colicky. The first edition of Fortune Selector is available as a limited edition white-label 12" vinyl record, hand numbered and hand-stamped, as a cassette, and digitally.