Alan Huck of Self Defense Family's "No Strings" Playlist 18 December 2015

Today on our new blog: a collection of songs put together by Alan Huck of Self Defense Family, partially inspired by the band's new release with Iron Pier, When The Barn Caves In and centering on drummers. Alan's photography work graces the front and back cover of the new single, and the B-side, "Alan," is named for him. A multi-instrumentalist, Alan put together a selection of songs inspired by his experience recording When The Barn Caves In titled "No Strings." 

Alan writes: "I don't actively consider myself a drummer and bandmates know me to be somewhat of a curmudgeon when it comes to actually playing them, but there are certain players who make me want to assume the title with pride. For the most part, the ones I really appreciate are those who seem to either celebrate their own amateurism (as I must do) or show an immense amount of discipline and restraint, the sort that's obviously far more difficult to cultivate than it is to display. And then there are those who are just wildly talented beyond all understanding. When we recorded with J. Robbins not too long ago and I was prompted to discuss drum sounds, the first thing that came to mind was the record that I almost invariably think of when that conversation arises: John Coltrane's A Love Supreme.

Drummers: Tony Allen and Ginger Baker, Rashied Ali, Jon Mueller, Jaki Liebezeit, Jack DeJohnette, Jim White, Moe Tucker, Jonathan Kane, Al Foster, Eric Craven, Klaus Dinger, Tony Buck, Katherina Bornefeld, and Elvin Jones."

No Strings